Volcon Announces Trim Levels for the Stag

Four trims, all with different power numbers, will be available.

The Stag will be available in four trim options.Volcon

After news that Volcon’s EV side-by-side, the Stag, will be hitting dealers next month, more news has come out about the Stag’s trim levels. We knew that the base model would be starting at $41,999, but now that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Volcon has announced a total of four trims, the GL, GL+, LTD, and XR.

The base-model GL is aimed more for utility use, as it only comes with 110 hp and a top speed of just 55 mph. The GL+ functions as more of a rec-ute side-by-side, coming standard with 125 hp, BFGoodrich tires, and Raceline wheels.

Want something more sporty to leave your friends in the dust? Then the LTD and XR trims are for you. With 140 hp and 185 hp, respectively, they represent the sporty side of the Stag lineup. The top-of-the-line Stag XR starts at $58,999, so you’ll be paying dearly for that power.

You can preorder a custom Stag at volcon.com now, and the 2024 model will be arriving at dealers next month.

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