Volcon Says the Stag Will Hit Dealers in October

The electric UTV is headed for production in the next six weeks.

The Volcon Stag is apparently weeks away from hitting dealers.Volcon

A couple of weeks after announcing rather worrying earnings from the second quarter of this year, Volcon has said the long-awaited Stag electric UTV will hit dealers in October. The company also recently announced that production of the Stag, along with its line of electric motorcycles, will be moved to Puebla, Mexico, from ElectraMeccanica’s manufacturing facility in Arizona.

We didn’t get a ton of details on the move, other than a Volcon press release announcing that the third-party builder of the machines had relocated operations. Volcon says it has 142 dealers online ready to get Stags to the public, and previous news releases have indicated that the company has taken $100 deposits on $115 million worth of Stags. There’s no guarantee those rigs will all get built, but it’s a really exciting prospect.

We’ll keep you posted on launch details, and we’re itching to get our hands on a Stag. So far, though, Volcon says there are fewer than 10 units floating around that were built to confirm production details.

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