Volcon Shows Off Production Stags at Austin HQ

The first units for the Army Corps of Engineers arrive for quality checks.

Two Volcon Stags moving under their own power during quality checks in Austin, Texas.Volcon

Volcon spat out another Stag production update last week, showing completed Volcon Stags arriving at the company’s Austin, Texas, headquarters for final quality checks. These Stags are headed straight to the Army Corps of Engineers to satisfy a contract the company signed last year. With the Army’s units out the door, customer rigs shouldn’t be too far behind.

The two Stags in the video clip are headed to the Army Corps of Engineers as part of a deal the company signed last year.Volcon

Volcon is showing signs of life after a difficult end to 2023 saw it attempt some drastic financial moves and bring in a new CEO. John Kim, a former Army paratrooper and entrepreneur, brought energy to the brand’s marketing materials, and has released a spate of short updates on company progress lately.

Even with customer units imminent and the Army’s allotment apparently in transit, the company still has a long way to go to be healthy. It spent much of last year heavily in the red and missed targeted release dates, then suffered production setbacks. Here’s hoping this means it is back in business.

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