The Volcon Stag Is Expected to Ship to Dealers in June

More than $116,000,000 in orders will begin to ship this summer.

The 2023 Volcon Stag.Volcon

The Volcon Stag, the industry’s first fully electric sport side-by-side, has just eclipsed $116,000,000 in preproduction sales, according to the company. More than 90 percent of the orders have come from Volcon’s network of U.S. dealers, as well as six dealers in South America and the Caribbean. The other 10 percent comes from consumer purchases.

Volcon expects to begin shipping the Stag to its dealer network in June, with consumer shipments coming after that. Preproduction orders are non-binding, meaning that an order can be canceled at any time. For consumers, an order requires a down payment of $100.

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