Changing New Zealand’s Cattle Industry

One cow at a time.

The Rissington Cattle Company changed the face of New Zealand’s beef industry.YouTube

Can-Am is back with its Livin’ the Land series, and the latest episode visits the Rissington Cattle Company in New Zealand. For decades, the company has been on the forefront of innovation. In the ‘80s, it was responsible for importing  frozen embryos from Canada and the United States in order to raise and breed new lines of beef stock. That decision changed the face of the cattle industry in New Zealand forever, and pushed Rissington to the forefront of the country’s beef trade. Now, years later the company continues to look for ways to innovate. Sometimes that means relying on new technology, and sometimes that means falling back on land management practices that are hundreds of years old.

These days, a couple of Can-Am Defenders help the farm get everything done, from feeding the herd to weighing calves and checking fences on the sprawling property. We can imagine worse ways to spend the workday. Check out the clip below, and when you’re done, join us in plotting a long ride through New Zealand’s green hills. If you’re looking for a Defender of your own, you can check out our Can-Am buyer’s guides for all the information you need.

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