Canadian Man Honoring Best Friend With 13,000 km on a Three Wheeler

Matthew Webb is riding his 1984 Honda 200ES through the Canadian winter.

Matthew Weber prepares to set off on his 1984 Honda 200

Grief is a powerful motivator. The memory of a loved one or close friend drives all sorts of mammoth adventures, but Matthew Webb’s memorial to his best friend is in another league. Webb, who calls Nova Scotia home, is riding a 1984 Honda 200ES three wheeler from 13,000 kilometers, or 8,000 miles, British Columbia to Nova Scotia this winter in honor of his best friend. The friend was killed in 2021 in a motorcycle accident, and Webb is riding in his memory to raise funds for Nova Scotia’s Bikers Down Society, a charity that assists injured motorcyclists.

The trek will take till the end of February, and cover 8,000 miles of frozen Canadian

As if that wasn’t enough, Webb is on his journey as we speak. In the depths of winter. In Canada. That means hours and hours a day in cold that is scarcely imaginable in the relatively balmy southern United States. As of February 1, Webb had made it about 1,700 miles, from British Columbia to Manitoba. He’s aiming to be home to Nova Scotia by the end of February.

The Honda, which he named Brittany, doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the cold, and is living proof that you don’t need the latest or greatest adventure machine to get out there and chase the dream.

Go get ‘em, Matt. We’re pulling for you.

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