Watch Donut Media Test the Worst Jeep Mods

Make your Jeep the best mall crawler it can be.

Grrrrrrrrrr… I’m so angry.Donut Media

Jeeps are fantastic little boxes of off-road capability. The history of the brand and the culture surrounding the vehicle is legendary. But sometimes, the wrong person gets influenced by the brand and decides to modify their Jeep. That’s why angry grilles happened. Now it seems like almost every person who has a Jeep has been affected by the craze of modifying their Jeep as much as possible, whether they look good or not.

One of Donut’s assistants, Jimmy, recently bought himself a JL Wrangler. With that, came ordering a truckload of parts from Extreme Terrain. An angry grille, tube doors, bottle holders, a little ladder, and even a portable grill that attaches to the hitch receiver were thrown onto the Jeep. Some were…kind of useful. Maybe. In very specific circumstances. The rest were cheap, overpriced, novelty accessories that would make a mall crawler drool.

Check out the video below if you want to get mad at Jimmy for ruining a perfectly good JL Wrangler.

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