Yanmar and ELEO Debut Modular EV Battery

Yanmar-owned Dutch company hopes to build 10,000 battery packs a year.

ELEO’s modular battery packs can quickly and easily be adapted to meet OEMs’ battery pack needs.Yanmar

Yanmar America last week displayed a really cool and potentially game-changing EV battery technology designed and built by ELEO, a Yanmar subsidiary. ELEO builds modular battery packs for off-highway vehicles, which allows a basic battery design to be adapted to a bunch of applications without being extensively reengineered.

The idea is that ELEO can supply off-highway vehicle OEMs with battery pack solutions quickly, as each pack will be built off the same technology platform. Yanmar, which bought ELEO not long ago, will supply its engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as control systems for the batteries. Not only that, Yanmar plans to use its experience in testing and developing products to make sure the batteries are as refined and reliable as possible.

ELEO is currently producing the second generation of its battery packs, which debuted in 2020, and just started production at a new larger facility in the Netherlands. According to a news release from Yanmar, ELEO has the capacity to build up to 10,000 battery packs a year.

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