2024 Can-Am Maverick R Gallery

All of the photos of the all-new, 240 hp Maverick.

With 240 hp, a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and 26 inches of wheel travel, the new Can-Am Maverick R is, on paper, the most capable stock side-by-side ever. The open-desert monster now holds the horsepower record for factory side-by-sides, surpassing the 225-horse Polaris RZR Pro R.

Check out this raft of photos of the new Maverick, and if you want to see full specs and details, check out our full post here.

The 2024 Can-Am Maverick R.Can-Am
Along with upgrades, the Maverick R also gets new, more aggressive styling.Can-Am
Can-Am’s new “tall knuckle” A-arms now stick out above the tires instead of being recessed with the rest of the suspension.Can-Am
One of the more noticeable things about the Maverick R is its 77-inch width. Most other sport side-by-sides are either 72 or 64 inches wide.Can-Am
The Maverick R pushes 240 hp out of its 999cc three-cylinder engine.Can-Am
The 2024 Can-Am Maverick R X.Can-Am
The reconfigured suspension gives the Maverick R 17 inches of ground clearance.Can-Am
Can-Am claims that tire sizes up to 35 inches will fit without rubbing the A-arm knuckles.Can-Am
The bed of the Maverick R can store up to 200 pounds.Can-Am
The Maverick R comes stock with 32-inch tires.Can-Am
The 2024 Can-Am Maverick R X RS Smart-Shox.Can-Am
The Maverick R still gets Can-Am’s Smart-Lok, which is a viscous front diff.Can-Am
The X RS model gets 16-inch beadlock wheels.Can-Am
The X RS weighs 2,250 pounds dry.Can-Am
The Maverick R beats the Polaris RZR Pro R in key on-paper stats.Can-Am
The seats of the Maverick R are the only parts of the interior that were taken from the X3, the rest is new from the ground up.Can-Am
A 10.25-inch touchscreen comes on every Maverick R trim.Can-Am
Forged aluminum tall knuckles stand out above the tires.Can-Am
The new 999cc Rotax engine makes 240 hp.Can-Am
The dual-clutch transmission has seven forward gears and a high and low range.Can-Am
The high horsepower and wide stance should make the Maverick R a beast in the dunes.Can-Am
The Maverick R comes with three drive modes: Normal, Sport, and Sport+.Can-Am
The new styling gives the Maverick R a more aggressive stance.Can-Am
These 32-inch ITP Tenacity XNR tires come on all four corners.Can-Am
The full specs of the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R.Can-Am
The full specs of the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R X.Can-Am
The full specs of the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R X RS.Can-Am
The full specs of the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R X RS Smart-Shox.Can-Am

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