2025 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Gallery

More beauty shots of Polaris’ updated utility rig.

There’s a lot more to the 2025 Ranger XP 1000 than the redesigned front end.Polaris
The 2025 updates covered the whole Ranger full-size lineup, with new net doors, a winch as standard on some models, and updated power steering.Polaris
Polaris kept the important numbers the same: the 2025 Ranger XP1000 will tow 2,500 pounds and carry up to 1,000 in the bed.Polaris
The 2025 Ranger XP1000 North Star Edition Ultimate gets electric windows and HVAC, which makes it super comfortable in places like South Texas.Polaris
A new power steering unit required a new ECU, which required a new tune, which in turn allowed Polaris to bump service intervals out to 200 hours or 2,000 miles. That should make the 2025 machine much cheaper to operate.Polaris
All those evolutions made a huge difference, and mean that the 2025 Polaris Ranger is the best Ranger we have ever tested.Polaris
The revised shifter makes gear change effort much lower. We have long complained about Polaris transmission feel, but the new “Gen 2” PVT automatic solves those woes.Polaris
With 82 hp from its ProStar parallel twin, the Ranger has plenty of poke for fun between jobs.Polaris
Polaris flew us to south Texas to get an up-close look at the newly redesigned Ranger.Polaris
It might not be an all-new machine, but the evolved Ranger is still the top of the utility pile.Polaris

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