2024 Segway UT-10 Gallery

An up-close look at the 2024 Segway UT-10.

The 2024 Segway UT-10 P Crew, an all-new six-seat utility machine from Segway.Segway
Segway promises that the UT-10 will be a serious utility machine, and it is happy to demonstrate by towing Segway’s own sport side-by-side, the Villain.Segway
The UT-10 will be available in two trim levels, the S, seen here, and the nicer spec P, which comes with full doors.Segway
If you don’t want Segway’s signature red and white color scheme, we’re big fans of Innovative Gray, seen here.Segway
If you don’t want red, camo, or gray, Bold Black is your huckleberry.Segway
The Segway UT-10 is aimed squarely at established competition from the likes of Polaris and Can-Am.Segway
The UT-10 is a full six-seater, no convertible seating here.Segway
The UT-10 is available from the factory with CST Lobo RC tires.Segway

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