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Textron Off Road

2019 Textron Off Road Havoc

Textron Off Road’s new Havoc base model is not just another machine stripped naked.

Textron Off Road had announced the Havoc X just last year but there was something missing for those who might have been on a smaller budget. An option missing but now offered by Textron is Havoc’s starting point—or base model, if you will—for the off-road enthusiast in 2019. This Textron Off Road Havoc gets you in on the ground floor with a machine that is packed with very persuasive features. So persuasive in fact that it rips with the 100-hp twin-cylinder powerplant found in other Havoc models. The powerful 67 foot-pounds of torque is exciting enough to wreak havoc on the trail and not the wallet.

Textron Off Road Havoc Seats

Providing passengers and driver with comfortable seating is key, and the new Havoc has quite possibly the best bolstering of any machine in the space today.

Textron Off Road

Suspension on the new baseline Havoc is also not too shabby as gas-charged preload-adjustable shocks get the nod to smooth out the harsh hits on the trails. The chassis is equipped with independent dual-arm suspension on both ends, and this provides a stable handling machine overall. The included sway bars also help balance the chassis roll and really add to the stability of the Havoc. And the 13 inches of effective ground clearance allows the trail to get nasty without scrubbing the belly of this beast.

Textron Off Road Havoc Headlight

When the days get long and the trail grows dark, Havoc gives you plenty of LED lighting to help you find your way home.

Textron Off Road

Havoc might be a sweet-looking trail ride, but it can also work like a mule when called upon. This base Havoc will tow an impressive 2,000 pounds and carry cargo in the dumping bed with a weight allowance of up to 600 pounds. It would be negligent of us not to mention the valuable interior storage capability. The dry storage space equals up to 24 cubic feet including an industry first: substorage behind the driver and passenger seat. This would make it easy to haul those coolers or other trail essentials that might just need to be within arm’s reach. Did we mentioned that it would also be covered should you decide to add a roof to the machine?

Textron Off Road is stepping out to find exactly what it needs to do to get you and your family into the wild woods, on trails to make those forever memories.


2019 Textron Off Road Havoc

Running the trails or farm roads in the new 2019 Textron Off Road Havoc will not only excite you for the weekend but it can earn its worth by working hard on the job as well!

Textron Off Road

  • MSRP: $16,299
  • 100-hp twin-cylinder mill
  • Standard full doors
  • Heavily bolstered cut and sewn custom seating
  • 24 cubic feet of storage
  • Extended cab for gear
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • On-demand AWD
  • Customizable speed controller
  • 2,000 lb. towing capacity

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