2023 Can-Am Outlander ATV Gallery

Photos of the all-new Outlander.

The 2023 Can-Am Outlander has brought fresh blood to the midsize ATV segment, packing arched A-arm suspension front and rear, the same solid transmission as found on the X3 side-by-side, and a host of clever improvements over the outgoing model. While die-hard fans may lament the loss of the old V-twin engine, the new Rotax single is more than up to the task of having a good time. Check out the photos from our time behind the bars in New Mexico.

2023 Can-Am Outlander 700 DPS.Can-Am
The Outlander lineup shares an engine, regardless of 500 or 700 designation. Cam and ECU tuning separates the two.Can-Am
That doesn’t mean the 500 is a slouch. While sharing the same physical dimensions as the 700, the 500 is cheaper and more approachable than its bigger brother.Can-Am
In Pro HD5 XU trim, the 2023 Outlander offers a good mix of features, including speed control.Can-Am
Both the HD5 and HD7 boast the same towing capacity.Can-Am
Despite offering less horsepower and torque than the HD7, the HD5 has plenty of grunt for having fun. It’s spry off the line.Can-Am
What would the Outlander lineup be without an XMR?Can-Am
With a raised air intake, the XMR can ford depths up to about the top of the wheels.Can-Am
The Outlander 700 DPS is the sweet spot in the lineup, offering good power, selectable power steering, and excellent suspension.Can-Am
The Outlander is remarkably neutral, coaxing you into sideways antics in no time.Can-Am
On the short desert course, the Outlander 700 DPS proved a willing friend, making short work of tabletops and banked turns.Can-Am
The arched A-arms offer plenty of ground clearance.Can-Am
The fully enclosed engine compartment keeps heat and noise away from the rider.Can-Am
The P-Drive transmission, borrowed from the X3 side-by-side, is easy to shift, even on steep inclines.Can-Am
With a winch, tough bumpers, and black aluminum-alloy wheels, the Outlander 700 DPS looks great.Can-Am
Can-Am nailed the rec-ute mix with the new Outlander.Can-Am

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