Watch Dustin Jones Teach His Buddies to Mud Ride

Mint 400 winner teaches Dudesons member and rodeo rider to sink ATVs.

Dustin Jones aboard a fully submerged Can-Am Outlander.Can-Am

Dustin Jones is one of those people who seems to become part of whatever machine he touches. Whether it’s a race-prepped Can-Am Maverick sailing across the desert at terrifying speeds, or a modified Can-Am Outlander ATV up to its handlebars in Louisiana mud, the dude just makes machines bend to his will.

Dudeson Jukka Hildén picked up the tricks of mud riding quickly.Can-Am

In this video, he tries to impart some of his wisdom on bull riding YouTuber Dale Brisby and Finnish stuntman and Dudesons member Jukka Hildén. It goes as you might expect, but at the end of a very long day in the mud, Jones has Hilden and Brisby navigating deep bogs with something approaching skill and finesse.

Neither guy manages to make the machine dance and sing quite the way Jones does, but they only adopted the mud pit. Jones was born in it. He was forged by it. It’s impressive to watch, and makes us want to turn right around and head to our nearest swamp.

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