Russian Army Deploys ATV-Based Rocket Launchers

Russia using ATVs in its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

A Russian soldier prepares to fire an ATV-based rocket in a training video.EurAsian Times

We’re better than a year and a half into Russia’s unconscionable invasion of Ukraine, and as the war is being fought in the age of social media, there has been unprecedented access to the tactics and realities of the battlefield. Last week, we learned through EurAsian Times that Russian troops have taken to using ATVs as bases for rocket launchers.

A rocket being fired from an ATV.EurAsian Times

The videos from EurAsian Times are horrifying, so they probably shouldn’t be viewed by younger readers or by those who are triggered by violence. But the clips are important in part because they shed light on the tactics Russians are deploying, but also because they are a stark reminder that this war is happening to real people right now.

Click through to see the whole story at EurAsian Times, but be warned: It isn’t a pleasant read and should not be taken lightly.

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