Watch This Crazy Man Run From UK Cops on a Burning ATV

A thief in the UK nearly gets roasted as he flees the police.

Not much is clear from this grainy screenshot, but that ball of flame in the middle? That’s a moving ATV. With a man on it.ABC 7 Chicago

We’re not exactly sure how this police chase in Durham, England, started, but it sure got spicy fast. From the title and description, it sounds like this dude stole an ATV, got found out, and decided to make a run for it. That’s where things seem to have turned a little…burny.

It would appear that somewhere between jacking the hapless four-wheeler and being remanded to the custody of the local constabulary, something on the ATV got very, very warm. The result is pretty clear in this video. The incredible thing, though, is that just when most people would have bailed and made a dash on foot, this dude decided to stick it out till the bitter end.

And so we have this beautiful piece of dashcam footage. A man riding a fireball into the suburban English night, pursued by some very confused and apparently very angry cops. We hope this dude wasn’t injured too badly, but it seems that his legal troubles might be the least of his concerns.

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