Can-Am Injects Some Humor Into the Drive to Glamis

Some clever billboard shenanigans designed to make you smile.

Keep your eyes out for this billboard on your drive to Glamis.Can-Am

It feels like an understatement to say that the year 2020 has been difficult for a lot of people. This year has been filled with an untold level of anxiety and heartbreak for millions. Thankfully this year is also pushing people to learn new skills, pursue new hobbies, and enjoy the small joys in life. Can-Am in particular is using that recipe to bring some joy into the world, and it might be the best thing we’ve seen in a few months.

With UTV sales exploding, pushing tons of new UTV fans out into the world searching for fun, Can-Am set up some billboards to bring a smile to anyone traveling to Glamis. The dunes at Glamis are a kind of mecca for UTV enthusiasts, so the highways leading to the Southern California destination are packed with side-by-side lovers. On several of those major highways you will now see a billboard from the folks at Can-Am showing off the Maverick X3.

Don’t miss the best part of the joke.Can-Am

We hear you shouting, “So what!” about a billboard, but it gets better. While the front of the billboard looks like a basic ad for the Maverick, with a simple image of an X3 and the phrase “Lead from the front,” the true magic happens on the back side. As you pass the billboard, the backside is covered with another image that is covered in reversed text. So as you look in your rearview mirror, you see the phrase “Leave the competition behind.”

A mirror view of the backside.Can-Am

It is a simple joke on a billboard, but it makes us happy to see the clever thought that went into this setup. As a bonus, it’s a fun little jab at all the other performance UTV makers. The visual representation of that small smirk you make when you tell your friend your Turbo RR makes more horsepower than his car.