HeavyDSparks Finds the RZR Edge of UTV Side Wheelies

Going for the world’s record in side wheelies with a Polaris RZR.

HeavyDSparks doing what he does best.HeavyDSparks

HeavyDSparks is known for his two-wheeled antics. He’s now gone full nuts and decided to bring a team together to break what he deems the unofficial world record for longest distance traveled with a UTV on two wheels. He calls this a “side wheelie.”

We’ve seen a lot of crazy stunts performed with UTVs but have to admit that this one is up there with the best. On the surface this might seem like something anyone could crush today. We assure you it is neither easy nor safe. While we don’t condone this type of UTV use, boy howdy do we think it’s entertaining.

HeavyD strolling down a lovely scenic two-lane highway on his way to setting an unofficial side wheelie distance world record.HeavyDSparks

The team gives it a few attempts under mostly controlled conditions with their Polaris RZR Pro XP. On the first failed attempt they flop over on their side almost immediately. I can’t help but think Dave wanted to completely cut this one out of the video. On the second attempt, they make it nearly 6 miles before overcorrecting to land back on all fours. They ultimately settle on the unofficial record of 12.8 miles. They don’t substantiate this in any way other than showing us some gnarly tire wear. Those long, slow miles completely obliterated the tread’s edge.

They also briefly touch on something we at UTV Driver were wondering about—engine performance while sideways for that distance. Apparently the Polaris engine leaked a little oil but held up like a champ. Also, bonus footage of a crashed drone at the end of the video.