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Hess Motorsports Weld In Nut Sert

New Product

What are these simple parts and why does your RZR need them?UTV Driver

One of the RZR XP’s weak points are its rear radius rods. Even if they don’t bend or break when you make a huge driving error and side load into something, the bolts can, over time wear the frame out and egg shape the hole they mount to. Especially if they come loose and you keep driving.

Hess motorsports has a solution to this problem with a simple $50 set of weld in Nut Serts. Installation is simple, all you have to do is remove the old hardware, drill the stock holes to measure 3/4” and weld the insert into place. The nuts work with stock or aftermarket radius rods and make installing the rods in a hurry very easy.

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