Huk Women’s Rogue Wave: Adventure Boots With Style

Huk’s new women’s Rogue Wave boots look good even in the most unpleasant conditions.

Huk’s Running Lakes Beach Glass print looks like a cloudy sky.Huk

We’re firmly in the function-over-form camp at UTV Driver, but it’s always nice when the two can be effectively combined. The new Huk Rogue Wave women’s boots are a case study in hitting both marks. The design team at Huk seems to think that clothing engineered to withstand harsh environments can still be appealing to the eyes.

The new women’s Rogue Wave boots are neoprene rubber, which means they should be almost indestructible. The boots also have a breathable mesh lining and EVA sole to make them as comfortable as they are utilitarian.

This solid print is called Desert Rose and reminds us of a nice fresh salmon.Huk

If you’re in a hurry, you can almost jump right into the boots, thanks to pull tabs located at both the slip-on style neoprene collar and the heavy-duty heel. Outside, the soles benefit from Huk’s GripX technology, which is supposed to give them an edge over old-school rubber wellies. The Rogue Waves run $90 for the solid colors and $100 for the printed patterns. If you want to snag a pair, head over to Huk.

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