Trac-Grabber Unveils Redesigned Recovery Straps

The system utilizes a block-and-strap design to get you out of the mud.

Trac-Grabber says its product is effective enough to save your bacon if you get stuck miles into the backcountry.Trac-Grabber

The allure of being miles from anyone on a forgotten two-track or trail so rugged and technical it would turn most people back keeps us in the off-roading hobby. There’s absolutely no feeling like watching the sun kiss a ridge you know maybe a dozen people will see this year. But to give in to that pull is to accept risks far greater than many others would. Get stuck more than a couple of miles from phone service, and you could be in the kind of trouble that gets you on the 10 o’clock news.

The strap-on tread block is ridiculously simple, and gives extra traction and a lifting action to get you out of mud, snow, or sand.Trac-Grabber

Trac-Grabber hopes its recovery gear will alleviate some of that fear. It makes an incredibly simple, supercheap, and very packable way to get your UTV, tow rig, or ATV unstuck when the going gets sticky or soft. It’s a set of rubber blocks that attach to your rig’s tires with a nylon cinch strap and provide extra traction and an inch or so of lift to break the suction of mud or sand. Trac-Grabber recently redesigned the straps with a Velcro section to keep the blocks in place, and says they can be installed on each drive wheel in 30 seconds or less. Check out the video below to see the Trac-Grabber in action.

Once they’re installed, you simply drive forward to allow the block to push your tires out of the mire. It’s not any more complicated than that. Trac-Grabber says the kits weigh as little as a pound and a half, and can be stashed much more easily than a set of MaxTrax or similar. They’re also cheap, at $59.99 from the Trac-Grabber website.

Obviously, you shouldn’t rely on one recovery method exclusively. If you’re going far beyond help, we recommend at least one other method of recovery, and a GPS beacon to get rescue on its way if things become really desperate.

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