Shock Therapy Limit Straps Save Your Suspension’s Day

Keep your suspension in place and in check with limit straps.

Shock Therapy’s limit straps.Shock Therapy

Limit straps are the unsung heroes of the suspension game. After all, suspension works best when it stays in place. Shock Therapy has brought its expertise to the limit strap game, looking to help UTV owners retain performance when pushing their machine’s limits.

Shock Therapy’s limit straps are available for an assortment of popular UTVs, such as the Can-Am Maverick X3, Polaris RZR, Kawasaki KRX, Honda Talon, and Yamaha RMAX. These kits have multiple benefits, the first of which is to stop suspension clunking, since the straps keep the shocks from dropping out. Not only does that stop an annoying noise, it prevents damage from excessive clunking. Mainly, it prevents the shock shaft from ejecting itself from the shock after copious abuse. Shock Therapy also says the limit straps are adjustable to account for stretch, bolt right up without any welding, help minimize leverage, and save CV axles.

The limit straps are available for purchase now on Shock Therapy’s website.