Editor of Darling Magazine Unwinds With a Side-by-Side

A successful wife and mother of two loves to get away from her busy life with her Can-Am.

Sarah Dubbledam blowing off some steam in her Can-Am.Can-Am

Sarah Dubbledam is the founder and editor-in-chief of Darling Magazine and has been running it for 10 years. Sarah explains, “It is about young women having self-esteem, positive identity, and all the things women have to deal with.” Wife to Steve Dubbledam, the founder of Wilderness Collective, and a mother of two young boys, if it wasn’t for her tightly managed schedule, her duties would get out of control.

To break away from the stress of everyday life Sarah and her family choose to get out into the wilderness with their Can-Am Commander. Sarah says, “From the mountains to the beach it is so great to get away and reconnect as a family.” For Sarah, using their side-by-side to create memories is so important. She says, “In 10–15 years we won’t think about all the work it took to do all these adventures but we will have the memories.”

That sounds familiar. Check out the video in the latest episode of Can-Am’s Where the Pavement Ends.

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