Speed UTV San Felipe 250 Video

Robby Gordon shows off in front of the competition.

Fast and unfazed by the rough terrain, the Speed UTV El Jefe is one step closer to production.Speed UTV

As we get ever closer to the official launch of Robby Gordon’s Speed UTV, the company keeps teasing us with testing footage and updates. Gordon was at the 2021 San Felipe 250 as a competitor. While the team was on site, they used a prerun event to test and show off their four-door El Jefe. Spoiler alert, it looks fast as hell. Every time we see how capable that bespoke 3-inch Speed UTV suspension setup is we drool a little.

Robby Gordon already said that El Jefe was nearly sorted after 1,500 miles of testing and abuse in the Arizona desert. This video is more proof that he and his team are almost ready to release this beast into the wild. Constant video updates and testing “proof” is one thing. Taking the rig out to one of the premier off-road races in the West and running it out in the open where every competitor and racer can see is something entirely different.

The video itself is just three minutes of the four-door El Jefe blasting across the desert. Unlike the helicopter video we got of the El Diablo testing, this video is mostly captured from a secondary camera car running laterally to the Speed UTV. It gives us a great look at just how fast the suspension adjusts over rough terrain. Keep an eye on how flat the body stays, and how undisturbed the driver looks as the tires are bouncing over the dunes and rocks. With nearly 2 feet of suspension travel and a stretched wheelbase, this kind of fast desert running is exactly what Speed UTV is designing its rigs to do.