Speed UTV Update—El Diablo in the Wild

Video footage of El Diablo extreme testing in Arizona

Robby Gordon testing the El Diablo prototype along the Colorado River in Arizona.Speed UTV

Anticipation continues to build as Speed UTV draws closer to factory production of its entire new side-by-side lineup. Recently, much of the attention has been on the El Jefe four-seater, however, this week we are treated to video of the El Diablo two-seater. This machine is the longer two-seater with a 110-inch wheelbase, and sitting at 151 inches bumper to bumper. It’s 77 inches wide and packs 22 inches of suspension travel front and rear. The added length enhances high-speed straight-line stability and offers up more storage capacity behind the seats, making the El Diablo the likely favorite for long-distance off-road racing.

Helicopter video provides a great demonstration of the new Speed suspension.Speed UTV

The video takes place along the Colorado River somewhere between Parker and Lake Havasu, Arizona. Most of the footage is shot from a helicopter and provides a great demonstration of the new Speed 3.25-inch internal bypass shocks in action. The shocks are built entirely in-house and include compression and rebound adjustments, which are easily set via a 360-degree rotating reservoir. Aside from the steel shaft, the shocks are made of aluminum to save weight.

Unlike many manufacturers, Speed isn’t keeping its development a closely guarded secret. During the test, Gordon offers a few onlookers rides in the beast. You’re unlikely to top a ride-along with Robby Gordon, and the lucky few returned praising El Diablo’s plush ride and capabilities in Gordon’s hands.

A few lucky fans got to ride with Robby Gordon during testing. Initial reviews are outstanding.Speed UTV

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