UTVs Tackle Obstacles on Moab, Utah’s Behind the Rocks Trail

Watch the fun at Rally on the Rocks.

UTVs and Moab, Utah’s incredible assortment of obstacles and scenery. What else could you ask for in a video?YouTube/Busted Knuckle Films

Despite all the desire in the world, we simply cannot make it to every UTV event each year. Thankfully, YouTube serves as the answer for those we’re unable to attend. One of those was Rally on the Rocks, an annual UTV gathering in Moab, Utah. Filmmaker and YouTuber Busted Knuckle Films was on site to document the fun, giving us a video from Behind the Rocks, one of the area’s toughest trails.

Famous for sheer drop-offs and wild climbs, Behind the Rocks is a sight to behold. Pitted against a backdrop of gorgeous Utah skies, the trail is known for making onlookers and first-timers say, “We’re going up (or down) that?!” High Dive and White Knuckle are two such obstacles. Both feature angles that make people weak in the knees and put machines to their ultimate test. The resulting footage, seen here, is perpetually amusing.

Got air? Nearly every UTV in the video lifts a wheel at some point. This Polaris RZR four-seater’s passenger-side rear tire is hanging on for dear life.YouTube/Busted Knuckle Films

There’s some serious talent in the driving showcased in this video, and some serious fearlessness from the drivers and occupants alike. The long wheelbase, four-seat UTVs handle the obstacles with aplomb, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few moments of heightened pucker factor. Although they have an easier time than the two-seaters, it just makes watching the latter even more hilarious. Throughout the video there are ample wheel lifts and gratuitous amounts of throttle and wheelspin. The Busted Knuckle Films videos are always a good time, and this is no exception. Grab a seat and have a watch as side-by-sides of all shapes and sizes tackle the rocks.