Watch Can-Am Prep to Go All Out at King of the Hammers

The 4400 Unlimited class at King of the Hammers requires preparation beyond most races.

The Miller brothers’ Can-Ams.Can-Am Off-Road

Can-Am just dropped a video that gives us an inside look at how Hunter and Cody Miller prepared in the 72 hours before the 4400 Unlimited class race at King of the Hammers, one of the biggest off-roading races of the year. The race rules are completely open, meaning the brothers went against rock crawlers that have up to three times the horsepower of their Can-Ams. The brothers attempted to make history this year, as no UTV has ever finished top 10 in the race.

Cody Miller taking on the intense terrain of the race.Can-Am Off-Road

The brothers also raced in the UTV Pro Modified class just two days before the 4400, which forced them to spend the day in between completely going over their rigs to look for any broken parts. Hunter finished second in the UTV Pro Modified, just behind Kyle Chaney, in another Can-Am. Because of some damage sustained early in the race, Cody ended up finishing ninth. Having limited time to prepare themselves for the 4400, the brothers worked well into the night making repairs to their rigs following the UTV Pro Modified.

The brothers line up to start the 4400.Can-Am Off-Road

Racing against some of the most impressive machines in the world, Cody and Hunter planned to make history. Cody ended up finishing eighth, and became the first UTV to crack the top 10 in the history of the 4400 Unlimited. Hunter did not finish, but undoubtedly helped fuel Cody to perform as well as he did.

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