AGM Jack Makes Trail Repair Easy

The Manual Jack 2.0 takes up no space and has 14 inches of travel.

AGM The Manual Jack 2.0 in action.AGM

Nothing’s worse than getting a flat on the trail, with the exception of maybe getting a flat during a race, when every second counts. The crew at AGM have been making side-by-side-specific parts and tools for years, and the company’s the Manual Jack 2.0 is made to make short work of trail- or course-side fixes. At 11 pounds, it weighs nearly nothing compared to other options on the market, and its 14 inches of jack travel mean it can get almost any rig’s wheel and tire off the ground. Even better, the system uses a 19mm nut on top to raise or lower the jack. That’s the same size as most UTV lug nuts. Simply throw your impact wrench on the thing and go to town.

It also boasts a 3,000-pound capacity, so there’s no worry about it being able to lift even the beefiest side-by-sides. We also like the jack pad, which is concave to reduce the chance of it sinking into soft sand, dirt, or mud. The pad also articulates so you’re more likely to have a stable base even on uneven terrain.

At 11 pounds, the jack weighs almost nothing.AGM

The Manual Jack 2.0 does require you to weld mounting plates to your suspension, but that’s a small price to pay for this kind of functionality. The MSRP, on the other hand, is not small. At $882, including one weld-on jack point, the Manual Jack 2.0 isn’t cheap. Then again, we doubt you’ll miss the cash when it takes less than two minutes to bang out your next tire change. Check out the video below if you think we’re exaggerating. You can head over to the AGM site for more information.

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