Dynojet Unveils ECU Mods for RZR Pro R

Dynojet will flash your Polaris RZR Pro R ECU to unlock more horsepower.

Dynojet’s ECU flash for the 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R nets a modest wheel horsepower increase, but makes the powerband vastly more linear and usable.Dynojet

Dynojet has been quick to set about modifying the 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R, and just released an ECU reflash program that the company says lowers coolant temperature settings, increases throttle response, and allows you to set your machine’s rev limits and speed limits.

Oh, yeah. The Dynojet tune is also good for a few more horsepower and torque at the tires, and Dynojet’s dyno graphs show a much smoother powerband that picks up earlier in the rev range and carries on well past where the stock rig hits the wall. According to a graph in the video, peak wheel horsepower for the Pro R jumps from 174.29 in stock form to 178.46 with the tune. Torque increases from 111.8 to 112.8.

Dynojet’s Pro R putting down big numbers.Dynojet

It’s important to note that Dynojet has been tuning everything under the sun for years, and offers more than just ECU tuning as part of its program. It also sells beefier drive belts, suspension components, and all sorts of other mods for your side-by-side. If you’re considering snagging a turbo kit for your Pro R, we highly recommend an ECU reflash to go along with it.

The reflash is available now from Dynojet for $599.99.

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