Check Out This Collapsible Camping Fire Pit

The eTrailer Pop-up Pit is a cool solution for areas under a burn ban.

The eTrailer Pop-up Pit is a portable, collapsible camping fire pit.eTrailer

Getting a legal campfire going on public land can be a tricky proposition, especially if you live somewhere perpetually hot, dry, windy, or all of the above. Especially out west, it’s not uncommon to find spots where ground fires are outright outlawed. After the summer much of the United States had, many other places have enacted temporary burn bans. Portable fire pits are a good solution, but most of them are too big and bulky to pack efficiently, rendering them pretty much useless for all but dedicated glampers.

The Pop-up Pit collapses down into an easy to carry and pack bag.eTrailer

Enter eTrailer’s Pop-up Pit, a collapsible aluminum fire pit that resembles a folding camp table at first glance. But the top of the Pop-up Pit is recessed and lined with a fire blanket, allowing campers to build a small, contained campfire that’s easily controlled and extinguished. The whole kit folds down small enough to easily stow in the bed of a UTV, which eliminates trying to pack a massive patio fire pit.

The 24-inch by 24-inch Pop-up Pit is big enough for a cozy and contained campfire.eTrailer

Under the main fine mesh fire blanket is a second fire blanket to catch falling embers for an added layer of safety. The platform is 24 inches long by 24 inches wide and sits 15 inches high when fully opened. Collapsed and stowed in its carry bag, the whole setup is 24 inches long, five inches wide, five inches tall, and weighs 7.5 pounds all in.

The eTrailer Pop-up Pit is on sale right now for $95, just in time for holiday shopping. Check it out here.

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