Fifteen52 Debuts Three New Off-Road Wheels for Tow Rigs

The wheel brand brings all-new offerings to market for 2022.

Fifteen52 has launched three new wheels for off-roaders and tow rigs.Fifteen52

Wheels can make or break the look of a vehicle. More importantly, wheels can perform better or worse than the stock rollers. We took a lot of care selecting new wheels for our Lexus GX 460 project tow rig. When Fifteen52 announced a new line of off-road wheels for 2022, we were excited to see what is on offer.

Fifteen52 has long been associated with solid products at middle-of-the-road prices. Its wheels tend to be stylish standouts, but not overdone or grotesque. Most famous for collaborations with legends like Ken Block, the company’s offerings quickly enjoyed extreme popularity and fanfare. That the wheels were high quality and capable of putting up with vehicular shenanigans was a bonus.

Given the recent off-roading boom, Fifteen52 did what any well-managed brand would do and capitalized on the market. The company’s dedicated line of Off-Road Wheels is expanding this year, with three new models. New introductions are the Patrol HD, Range HD, and Metrix MX. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these wheels should be both good-looking and properly stout on a tow rig or off-roader. Prices vary, but no set of four should run more than $1,500, which is more than reasonable for an attractive wheel capable of withstanding heavy use. We’re always happy to see Fifteen52 products on trucks and SUVs, and look forward to seeing these in the wild as well.