Kelty Trash Pak Review

Smart design makes cleaning up simple and convenient.

Flexible mounting means you can put the Kelty Trash Pak almost anywhere.Kevan Ray

We love tools and products that make it easier to clean up campsites and riding trails. See our glowing review of Sak-It bags if you want proof. But it doesn’t take long to fill those bags up, and then what are you supposed to do? Or what if you are spending several days in the wilderness with no access to a dumpster, like when we took our recent trip to North Carolina’s Portsmouth Island? For those particularly trash-covered trails or long camping trips, Kelty has you covered. Its new Trash Pak is designed to make packing out and cleaning up convenient, and it helped us make a serious impact while we were on Portsmouth Island.

The Kelty Trash Pak is built with the off-road enthusiast in mind, with smart details to make it work on the trail. The bag is made of rugged, 600-denier poly pack cloth with a heavy nylon coating on most of it to make it waterproof and UV resistant. It features a six-strap system to make it easy to strap to rear-mounted spare tires, van doors, or on UTV roll cages and doors. At our campsite, we hung it from the door of our 2021 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Trail Boss. While the bag is great for throwing trash directly into, like we did, there are also hooks and loops inside for attaching and holding multiple trash bags. If you need to keep your garbage and recyclables separated, the loop system is ideal.

This is just a small collection of the garbage we pulled off the beach at Portsmouth Island.Christian Moe

Thanks to that waterproof nylon coating, the bag is easy to clean as well. We just opened it up and hosed it out when we got home. Drainage holes in the bottom help the bag dry, and also keep your trash from filling the bag with nasty liquids. And if you are worried that the Trash Pak will damage your truck or UTV, Kelty made sure to add padding to the rear of the bag, making it less likely the Trash Pak or anything inside of it will damage your vehicle.

The most important feature of the Trask Pak is that it makes it easy to clean up. No more excuses for leaving your trash or others’ behind.

Keep our wild places wild, and keep them clean.Kevan Ray

Finding wild and open spaces to ride your UTV or ATV can be difficult. Many states and wilderness areas have strict restrictions designed to keep us off the land. One of the biggest reasons for these restrictions is the simple fact that lots of riders leave trash and destruction in their wake. The more messes we make, the more ammunition politicians and UTV haters have to keep us off the trails. During our time at Portsmouth Island we collected more than two dozen mylar balloons, and an army of water bottles, oil jugs, and more. As it stands, Portsmouth is the one of the only places in the entire country where you can camp and drive your UTV on the beach. It would be a shame to lose that simply because a few fools refused to clean up their beer cans.