Sak-It Makes Packing It Out Easier Than Ever

A simple product with one mission: Keep our trails clean.

Offered in two different sizes and five different colors.Sak-It

Everyone loves a messy dirt-covered trail. The dirtier, the better. That is until it comes to trash. Human-generated waste is a growing problem in the motorsports lifestyle and Sak-It thinks it has a solution to help reduce the problem. The company offers trash sacks that universally attach to your rigs so you can pack out every last piece of trash.

Sak-it is the brainchild of off-road enthusiasts who were tired of seeing trash and debris littering the trails they love. Their product is a high-quality vinyl mesh bag that’s durable enough to withstand the great outdoors. You chuck your trash into the bag while you’re out on a ride and empty it when you get home. The trash finds its way to the proper collection location instead of on our trails, in our waterways, and inside our local wildlife.

Match your Scrap Sak to your rig with a choice of five colors and universal attachment bands.Sak-It

Sak-it offers two sizes. The larger option is the Scrap Sak, and it’s the company’s main product to pack out trash. The Gear Sak is smaller, and acts as a secure place to store your gear while riding. These smaller sacks are a bit more convenient to strap inside your rig. You get your choice of five colors on the Scrap Sak and three colors on the Gear Sak to help match your style. Prices are super reasonable at $25 for the Scrap and $20 for the Gear, and Sak-It will even screen print your bags with whatever you like for an additional charge.

The mission is simple: Help protect the lands we love and keep them clean for generations to come. Both Sak-It and UTV Driver support Tread Lightly ideals and want to do our part in cleaning up our lands and waterways.