Michelin Adds to Its Airless “Tweel” Tire Line

Tweels are now available for UTVs and ATVs.

The UTV Tweel.Michelin

Have you ever looked at a tire and thought, “This would be better without air?” Michelin apparently has, and its line of “Tweels” could be the future of tires. The Tweel, like its name suggests, is a combination of tire and wheel and features poly-resin spokes that simulate the feel of a standard tire while protecting against punctures. They make tire mounting, flats, holes, and any other problem you would normally have with a traditional tire nonexistent.

A diagram of how the Tweel is constructed.Michelin

Tire manufacturers have been playing with the idea of airless tires since tires were invented, but it seems that they can’t find the right formula to make something as good as a standard wheel and tire. While Michelin is the first company to start the production and sale of airless tires, they’re not without flaw. The biggest drawback is the price. Tweels start at $739 per tire for a size 26x9. If you can excuse the price being over double that of a standard performance UTV tire, then the Tweel could be for you.

While it seems that these tires are still highly experimental, we can’t wait to see where Michelin can take this concept. It has been producing passenger-car Tweels for a while now, and the UTV Tweel is just another step toward the future.

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