Cardo Unveils New Bluetooth Communicators

The Cardo Spirit and Freecom are inexpensive options for small group rides.

The Cardo Freecom 4x offers great range.Cardo

Cardo has introduced two new Bluetooth communicator lines aimed at giving riders an inexpensive way to stay in touch on the trail. The Spirit is the company’s new entry-level unit at just $99. Even at that price, it comes packed with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which helps give it a range of up to almost a quarter of a mile in open terrain. Both it and the Spirit HD, which comes with larger speakers and range of 2,000 feet, can only be paired with one other unit, but they’re both waterproof and offer over-the-air updates, which means no more plugging your communicator into a computer to get the latest firmware. The Spirit and Spirit HD have taken the place of the old Freecom 1+ on the bottom end of the Cardo line.

The Freecom 2x and 4x are also new this season. At $209, the 2x is a substantial upgrade over the Spirit HD, offering users a range of around half a mile and sound by JBL. It also offers 13 hours of talk time and a 10-day standby time. Not bad. The Freecom 2x will also pair with any other brand Bluetooth communicator, so if you have friends with another device, you’re covered.

Cardo Spirit.Cardo

The Freecom 4x is the top of the pile at $269, and offers the best range of the new Bluetooth line at three-quarters of a mile. And while the 2x is designed to work with just a pair of riders, the 4x will network with up to four. Very cool. Head over to Cardo for more information.

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