Razorback Offroad UTV Mounts Make Chain-saw Transport Easy

RBO’s chain-saw mount offers a lot of features for convenient, safe chain-saw transporting.

Razorback Offroad’s UTV chain-saw mounts make transporting a chain saw convenient and easy.Razorback Offroad

Convenient and safe tool hauling is a huge benefit of owning a UTV. Whatever the work is, having the right tool for the job is critical. Out in the woods, few pieces of kit are more valuable than a chain saw. Razorback Offroad has developed a trick universal chain-saw mount for UTV applications that makes transporting the often cumbersome saws safe and easy.

Razorback’s UTV chain-saw mount offers fully adjustable height and angle positioning to make sure the saw is in the most convenient place. Razorback claims that securing the chain saw in place is as simple as tightening two lock screws, and there’s even a place for a padlock and a Theft Deterrent Cover Plate for increased security.

The features don’t stop there. There is also a support for the saw’s engine and an ultra-high-density cut-resistant plastic holder to hold the saw in place without dulling the chain. The whole thing is wrapped in a powdercoated aluminum exoskeleton for increased durability and strength. And it’s made in the USA.

The mount retails for $310, and is available here.

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