RLB Drops New Dual Carbon Whip Lights

Carbon-base LED whip lights put out some serious lumens.

RLB’s new Dual Carbon whip lights are available in two colors schemes, two lengths, and put out 17,600 lumens.RLB

Rear Light Bar has just announced the Dual Carbon desert whip light, which it says features more densely packed LEDs, is more durable than previous models, and has a new carbon-fiber base. RLB claims the base is an industry first for whip lights. The base features a keyed center-locking mount, which means it should stay secure no matter how hard you decide to send it.

The center-locking carbon base of the RLB Dual Carbon whip light.RLB

The lights themselves are available in either all white or red, white, and blue. With the new design packing the LEDs closer together, the whips put out 17,600 lumens and should be good for a 50,000-hour service lifes, RLB say. In other words, it’ll take you destroying a whip before you’ll need to replace one.

The whole system uses Deutsche connectors that plug into wiring pigtails, so installation should be plug and play without cutting or crimping wires. That also means the whips are easily removed when you don’t need them.

The lights come in 4-foot and 5-foot models. The 4-foot whips in either color go for $330; the 5-footers are $350. You can find more information at the RLB website.

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