Tusk Honda Talon 1000 Spare Tire Carrier

Affordable peace of mind has never been easier to bolt to your Talon 1000R/X.

Tusk-branded Honda Talon 1000X/R spare tire carrier.Rocky Mountain UTV YouTube

Here’s an important piece of kit for all you Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X owners out there. This Tusk-brand spare tire carrier bolts right up to the rear pillars on your factory cage and holds your spare tire securely in place where you can reach it. Its strong powdercoated steel construction means it won’t go anywhere while bouncing down the trail. The tire mount itself is adjustable to adapt to many different offset wheels, meaning you can even carry that larger 32-inch-tall EFX MotoRavage spare tire you bought earlier this year.

It’s important to note that this kit does not include lug nuts to mount your wheel to the carrier. While Rocky Mountain UTV does carry spares, you can also nab those from your local Honda dealer.

Some things we like about this accessory are its ease of install, build quality, and adjustability. Tusk makes it easy to mount that important spare tire and hit the trail knowing you won’t be repurposing your tiny trunk space.

We don’t like the lost rear visibility that this style carrier always tends to result in. If you’ve bolted up a central rearview mirror, it’ll be rendered almost useless. A small price to pay for the security of tugging along a full spare.

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