Yankum Ropes Makes Killer Recovery Gear

Kinetic recovery ropes are invaluable out in the sticks.

Kinetic recovery ropes make a huge difference when you’re stuck off-road. Yankum Ropes has a line catered specifically to ATVs and UTVs.Yankum Ropes

Kinetic ropes are a godsend for off-roaders, as they provide a sudden, forceful yank to get you out of a sticky situation, but reduce the danger of having a line or shackle snap and turn into a deadly projectile. They’re a great solution for UTVs, but most companies focus on Jeeps or trucks, and while their ropes work great for side-by-sides, they’re often overkill.

The Redneck Scientist explains how a kinetic recovery rope is both safer and stronger than a standard recovery strap.Yankum Ropes

Yankum Ropes has a solution, with a line of kinetic recovery ropes aimed directly at UTVs and ATVs. The company makes a half-inch version rated for 4,000 pounds of static pressure aimed at ATVs, and a three-quarter inch version rated for 7,000 pounds of static pressure for UTVs. Yankum’s website is absolutely covered with testimonials and videos showing the ropes doing some pretty amazing stuff. We’ve yet to get our hands on one to test in the real world, but the guys at Matt’s Off Road Recovery swear by them, and the Redneck Scientist has a pretty funny video explaining their benefits.

Yankum ropes are decently affordable, and come with sleeves to keep obstacles from wearing them down too quickly.Yankum Ropes

The best part is, these things are affordable enough that you can get away with carrying more than one. The half-inch model retails for $86.99, while the three-quarter-inch version is $129.99. Both are available at Yankum’s website.