Dorman Shells Out Almost $500M for SuperATV

Automotive parts supplier makes a big play for off-road market share.

Off-road parts retailer SuperATV has been purchased by Dorman, the aftermarket car parts giant, in a deal worth almost $500 million.SuperATV

Dorman, the Pennsylvania-based supplier of aftermarket automotive bits and pieces you see at every parts counter in the country, has agreed to buy SuperATV for $490 million cash at closing. SuperATV did just over $200 million in sales of aftermarket bits for UTVs and ATVs last year, according to PowerSports Business.

The deal includes a possible $100 million performance payout if SuperATV hits a set of unspecified performance targets in 2023 and 2024. Even accounting for $45 million in tax benefits that drop the total value of the sale at close to around $445 million, that means the deal could end up being worth more than half a billion dollars.

The deal hasn’t officially closed yet, so for now both companies will operate independently and as they have been. Closing the deal is subject to the usual litany of regulatory checks purchases like this go through, so the switchover is still a little ways down the pike. No word yet on whether or how the deal will affect employees of either company.

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