Watch Three Can-Am Techs Go Behind the Scenes With UTV Driver

We brought Can-Am techs with us to put together a feature at Windrock Park.

Nobody handles trailside repairs quite like trained technicians.Justin W. Coffey

Trail fixes hit different when you’re wheeling with honest-to-goodness trained technicians. We got that lesson two times in as many days last month, when we took three Can-Am dealer technicians to Windrock for two days of tackling the park’s nastiest trails. They came to our Knoxville, Tennessee, headquarters after winning the Behind the Scenes With UTV Driver Experience contest put on by our parent company Octane Lending. But, as is often the case, calamity soon ensued, and Jeremy, JR, and Keith ended up working on their days off.

Fortunately, we had our friend and expert cameraman Jon Maupin from Octane’s marketing department to film the whole thing. This video is the result of his hard work over those two days, and it perfectly encapsulates the mix of joy, disaster, ingenuity, and camaraderie. This might not be the most epic wheeling edit you’ve ever seen, but it sure was fun to make. We’re already looking forward to next year.

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