Watch Ed March Drive a Mini Jeep 1,000 Miles to Moab

YouTuber attempts the ill-advised in an AliBaba mini Jeep.

This is not a good plan. That makes it the best plan.Ed March

YouTuber Ed March is known for doing ridiculous things aboard Honda’s stalwart-but-humble Trail 90, a small-bore, step-through motorcycle with a horizontal 90cc thumper. The bikes are nearly ubiquitous in other parts of the world, and they’re known for their ruggedness and charisma, if not their speed and handling. After setting the standard for small-bore bikes in the 1960s and 1970s, they spawned millions of copies, and parts suppliers in China have been making second-rate imitations of their engines for decades.

The upper arrow is the start line, the lower is the finish. Getting there means 1,000 miles off-road. We love this plan.Ed March

March recently moved to Moab, and also recently decided to buy a Chinese-made mini Jeep powered by a knockoff Trail 90 engine and drive it the 1,000 miles back to Moab. Off-road. Thankfully, he elected not to do the trip in a totally stock AliBaba Jeep, and added the 25-horsepower, 190cc Trail 90 racing engine—in addition to an oil cooler, better lights, and a luggage rack. The new engine got him a proper clutch and a fourth gear, and let the Jeep go faster than its previous 30 mph top-end speed.

With a 25-horsepower racing engine, the little Jeep rips.Ed March

The modifications didn’t touch the drivetrain, which consists of a chain-driven solid rear axle, and what appears to be an almost total lack of any suspension. This video just covers the build, with a teaser to the promised next episode when March actually attempts the drive. If the previews are anything to go on, it’s gonna get hairy. Stay tuned.

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