Watch Matt’s Off Road Recovery Save a Flooded Ford

With flash floods in the forecast, the MORR team has to rescue a big truck.

After a rainy night in the Virgin River, the big Ford F-350 was past its axles in sucking mud.Matt’s Off Road Recovery

Flash floods are no joke in the desert, and with the weather the West has been having lately, they’ve been a constant danger. Rivers come up fast and mercilessly when the rain gets heavy, and there’s nothing you can do about it if you’re in the water’s path. A recent incident saw the Matt’s Off Road Recovery crew skirting the edge of a Utah flash flood, not long after flood waters ravaged downtown Moab.

To get a solid winch platform, Matt essentially had to get the MORRvair and his Jeep YJ stuck in the sand on the bank.Matt’s Off Road Recovery

In this scenario, they had to leave a customer’s diesel Ford pickup in the Virgin River overnight after pulling the stricken Ford out of the deep river mud with just their Jeep YJ proved impossible. It took a return trip the next day armed with the MORRvair and the YJ to get the heavy truck yanked to safety.

Once the truck was winched out of the thick mud, a quick pull with a kinetic rope got it back onto terra firma.Matt’s Off Road Recovery

Thankfully, the rain and flooding held off and this was a difficult vehicle rescue and nobody got hurt. The way it was shaping up at first, that was no guarantee. It took winching off both the Jeep and the MORRvair to get the truck up on the bank. With no rocks or trees around, Matt secured the two recovery rigs by letting the tires dig down into the soft sand, essentially getting his own rigs semi-stuck in order to pull the truck free. It’s an impressive piece of winching.

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