The Shadow Six Typhoon Is an Aquatic Side-by-Side

Shadow Six opens orders on the Typhoon and you have to pay to play.

The Typhoon gets some air.Shadow Six Racing

With a strong passion for motorsports, Shadow Six Racing set out to push the boundaries of the powersports industry and with its Aquatic Utility Vehicle, the Typhoon, it was bang on. With a purchase price enough to give your bank account an aneurysm, true motorsport enthusiasts can now purchase the Typhoon and take to their favorite body of water to carve the waves or cruise the canals.

The $250,399 base price does seem absurdly expensive on the surface, but when you take a deep dive on what goes into the making of these beasts it’s really a deal for a hand-built and limited-production work of art. At first glance you think someone just hot glued a Polaris RZR on top of two personal watercraft and magically made all the controls work from inside the RZR cabin, but just about everything on these AUVs is custom.

To withstand the harshness of the waves and weight of the UTV body riding on top of the watercraft, Shadow Six Racing decided that the hulls needed to be made from carbon fiber instead of fiberglass. It ditched the RZR frame all together and made them from titanium to withstand all the flexing as well as shed some weight. The hulls also support supercharged Yamaha GP1800R SVHO engines, each producing 250 hp. Besides the Polaris plastics and Yamaha engines there is nothing factory about the Typhoon.

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