Watch a Speed UTV Break at Sand Sports Super Show

Robby Gordon’s “El Jefe” loses a right rear trailing arm.

Repeated airtime turned out to be too much of a good thing for the Speed UTV machine.gnuibe / YouTube

Years after Robby Gordon’s Speed UTV was promised to be in production, demo units are still being thrown around shows and events in an attempt to wow potential buyers. Things went wrong at the recent Sand Sports Super Show when a four-seater El Jefe broke a right rear trailing arm on a jump. Thanks to one onlooker, we have the video evidence to prove it.

The Sand Sports Super Show’s demo area was a sectioned-off parking lot with nothing but fences separating the action from the bystanders. Big jumps with flat landings were the highlight of the showcase put on by Speed UTV, a task that would make standard machines cry in fear. However, the El Jefe unit came away worse for wear when the side-by-side’s right rear trailing arm let go, detaching from what appears to be its rearmost mount and leaving the metal flailing around underneath the machine. Robby himself was behind the wheel of the UTV when the failure happened, and interestingly it looks like the issue occurred before Gordon hit the jump. The action can be seen in the video at around the three-minute mark.