SXSBlog Blows Up Its 1,100-HP RZR at Silver Lake Dunes

The 2JZ-powered side-by-side is now in need of a rebuild.

Sub 2.0-second 0–60 mph? Easy.SXSBlog

In SXSBlog’s latest update on its 1,100-hp, 2JZ-powered Polaris RZR, the crew headed to the Silver Lake Dunes. The main goal was to set a faster 0–60 time with their legendary side-by-side. With new Bigger Digger tires and ideal terrain, the blog crew had everything ready to break the record. That is, they did…until the oil pressure shot up to at least 148 psi, which is where the sensor tops out.

Before the engine blew, the crew still achieved a 0–60 time of 2.0 seconds.SXSBlog

After the oil pressure maxed out, the seal on the oil filter blew, and the oil pressure dropped to around 35 psi. This all happened while the RZR was at 7,000+ rpm, causing untold horrors in the engine (which has yet to be opened up).

“I’d say we were in an unsafe zone for about three seconds,” said Doug Butterfield of SXSBlog. What is left is a very unhappy 1,100-hp side-by-side. The RZR is now back in their garage, waiting to be torn down and inspected.

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