Watch SXSBlog Go Full Weird With Terrifying Quadzilla

Part go-kart, part tractor, all horrifying.

The only safe thing about Quadzilla is how poorly it runs.SXSBlog

This is redneckery at its absolute finest. The Michigan-iacs at SXSBlog posted a video this week after they got their hands on a Chevrolet small-block-powered go-kart thing dubbed “Quadzilla.” Now, it has four wheels, an ATV seat, and handlebars, so sure. On the surface, it’s an ATV. But thanks to its automotive drivetrain, size, and apparent lack of actual off-road ability, it looks more like a cast-off vehicle from the set of Mad Max.

Don’t inspect the front suspension too closely. The more you try to figure it out, the less sense it makes.SXSBlog

The drivetrain is a very, very tired Chevrolet small block from the ‘80s or ‘90s backed up by an unnamed transmission from the same era, and a small GM rear axle. The front end is a cobbled together construction of Ford Ranger i-beam axles supported by an absolutely terrifying stacked coil-spring arrangement. The springs appear to have been booger welded together end-on, for maximum lethal force.

Predictably, it runs and rides about as well as you would assume by looking at it. But even a bad small block has enough goose to get a wrought iron go-kart to sling mud. Enjoy all the madness in the video above.

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