SXSBlog Tests Polaris RZR Pro R Against Gravity, Loses Spectacularly

Launching the Polaris off a dune doesn’t end well.

Full send. The SXSBlog way.SXSBlog / YouTube

The team at SXSBlog had just finished fixing up their recently wrecked 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R, and then bam: boom went the dynamite. The crew put the machine to the test, sailing it off a dune with enough distance between the skid plate and the ground for another RZR or two to fit. Spoiler alert: Wage war against gravity and a RZR will lose. Turns out the suspension (and untold other bits) on SXSBlog’s Pro R lost this battle.

SXSBlog is nothing if not ambitious. Having only recently had to do heavy repairs on their new Pro R, they put in the work and got the big side-by-side back to operational status quickly. Doing what they do best, the next step was to bring the UTV to their test site and push its limits. The landing was a bit harsher than the driver seems to have anticipated, and it was certainly more than the RZR’s suspension was prepared to deal with. Once they made sure the driver was unhurt, the blog crew righted the side-by-side and assessed the damage. We won’t spoil the tally, but it’s not great, especially for a machine that was only very recently repaired.

“That car’s cooked, dude,” one of them observed. It sure is, but we know that’s only temporary with this group.