Watch SXSBlog Tear Apart RZR Pro R After Trailer Wreck

The YouTube channel dives in to see if its most precious UTV survived the ordeal.

SXSBlog looks into how broken their RZR Pro R is after the trailer incident.SXSBlog / YouTube

One would think that if SXSBlog were to wreck a new Polaris RZR Pro R, it would be on the trails or dunes. After all, they’ve already had a Pro R fall victim to a hooning mishap. But this time disaster struck when the team’s trailer flipped over while carrying $250,000 worth of UTVs. This week the crew posted a teardown video that shows what’s broken, what’s fixable, and what’s next.

Polaris released the RZR Pro R to much fanfare. The four-cylinder, 225 hp machine quickly became the fixation of YouTube outlet SXSBlog, which is known for showcasing the durability and capability of UTVs by putting them to the test and frequently beyond that limit. Recently, the company was transporting an assortment of its own machines when the trip took a turn for the worse, and the trailer holding a quarter-million dollars’ worth of side-by-sides tipped over, damaging every rig it was carrying. Now, safely back at their shop, SXSBlog has released a deep-dive video in which they inspect and disassemble their damaged RZR Pro R. How bad was the big Polaris injured? We won’t spill the beans, so check out the video below to see for yourself.

Naturally, the SXSBlog team took the opportunity to do some battle testing of their own on the Pro R, bashing it with hammers and other tools they found lying around their shop. The UTV has already had a rough life, but at least the team treated it to some upgrades while having it torn down for damage inspection. We’re glad to see it still kicking.

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