This SXSBlog Video Will Convince You to Go Racing

It’s enough to rearrange our priorities.

Why aren’t we all at a short-track race right now?SXSBlog

Short-track racing has been something we have been itching to try our hand at since we spun a few laps at an ice track in Colorado earlier this year. And our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR has always seemed like the perfect rig for the job. But for one reason or another we haven’t gotten around to it yet. But this video from SXSBlog has us rethinking our priorities.

Clearing a double while trying to keep an encroaching opponent at bay on a random Saturday night at the county fair. Sign us up.SXSBlog

Probably the coolest thing about this clip is that the races aren’t some high-brow, costly organization’s event with a rule book as thick as a Bible and a liability waiver that would make the Constitution blush. No, it’s just a few people and their side-by-sides throwing it all out there on a weekend night at the county fair. With the noise and flash of the midway in the background, the dudes from SXSBlog take their turns in four-lap heats around a course carved into a Michigan field with a mini excavator.

It looks like the most fun you can have in a side-by-side short of heading straight to Baja, and we want in. None of the rigs in the video are anything wild or out of the ordinary, and none of the drivers are anyone different from you or me.

Our hobby should be accessible, fun, and exciting in equal measure, and this grassroots fairground motorsport is a perfect example. We’re already stiffening our shocks and looking for race tires.

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